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How to Find Pet-Friendly Attractions & Accommodations

By  •  March 26, 2015

There comes a time in every pet owner’s life when he or she will need or want to bring their furry friend along on a trip. Whether planning a solo …
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Best Pet-Friendly Cities

By  •  April 4, 2013

What good is taking a vacation if you can’t bring your best friend?  A pet is almost like a child and it’s important to consider traveling to a city that will be an enjoyable experience for you and your furry friend. So you may ask yourself where an ideal place is to visit for the both of you. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites.

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Kid-Friendly, Educational Activities and Apps for Road Trips

By  •  June 13, 2016

Road trips are a rite of passage for every family. They test your familial bond, as they require many hours spent together in the car, where you must entertain one another and get along. Your child’s tolerance can wear thin during long periods in the car, which can ignite misbehavior. It is important that you have certain tools and tricks at-the-ready, whenever your child enters into a state of boredom, so you can defuse any agitation or tantrums. Luckily, there are a lot of games that are both entertaining and educational, which suit many personality types. Here are some of the best educational activities for kids– broken down by subject– that will make for a happy and fun road trip.

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5 Family-Friendly Summer Pool Games

By  •  July 15, 2015

A refreshing dip in the water is sure to deliver relief from the scorching summer heat. However, if you haven’t yet had a chance to embark on your long-planned vacation to the beach, you’re not alone. In fact, most Americans don’t have the luxury of popping over to the ocean’s shore at a moment’s notice. In such instances, the swimming pool becomes the holy grail of summertime splendor and meaningful memories.

Don’t have a pool? Have no fear, water lovers of the world. There are more than 10.4 million residential pools and 309,000 public swimming pools in America [source: CDC]. It’s quite likely that there is a pool in the vicinity. So, grab your sunblock and a beach towel, because we’ve compiled 7 Family-Friendly Summer Pool Games that are sure to make a splash:

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4 Dog Friendly Vacation Destinations

By  •  January 28, 2015

When you have a four-legged friend, it can be difficult to travel without restricting your activities or having to leave the little guy at home, find a sitter and worry …
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Budget-Friendly Foodie Guide to Phoenix

By  •  September 16, 2014

In recent years, Phoenix has been going through a sort of cultural revival and now competes with other large cities as a true travel hub. Aside from the introduction of The Metro Light Rail at the end of 2008 and the transformation of Arizona State University to becoming the “New American University,” Phoenix has also been hard at work situating itself as a foodie destination.

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Offbeat Attractions Along I-90 in South Dakota

By  •  February 26, 2016

What could otherwise be a boring highway that runs from one side of the country to the other has thankfully been turned in a weird wonderland for those traveling the distance. While the stretch of I-90 features attractions everyone knows and loves: Mount Rushmore, the Badlands National Park, and Black Hills National Forest, it’s also home to many less conventional roadside stops.
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Best Beaches for Whale Watching

By  •  November 23, 2015

Are you wild about whales, but would you prefer to watch them from the shore? Here are some of the best beaches where the likelihood of whale spotting is higher than average. Some of these seaside locations specialize in whale related viewing platforms and programs. Others enjoy a word-of-mouth reputation for being whale sighting locales. All of them are great places to enjoy the many splendors where the ocean and the land meet. Read More

Rover on the Road

By  •  October 14, 2014

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

We all have a travel companion. For some, this may be your spouse, family member or a friend. For others, that companion may be your …
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10 Travel Tips for Families on a Budget

By  •  February 27, 2014


Are you in the process of planning your next trip? According to, 11% Americans will be spending their tax refund on a vacation this year.  Traveling can be …
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