There’s nothing more fun than taking a trip with friends. The experiences you share away from home will bring you closer together, and the drive is a lot more exciting with friends in the car! Taking a trip with your girlfriends or the guys doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a week long vacation to a tropical island. Sometimes, a day trip is all you need to get away with your best friends.

If you and your friends are living in the beautiful city of Chicago, there’s nothing wrong with taking a trip outside of the city for a change. If you are planning a getaway for the day, check out these great places to explore:

Amish Country, Indiana

Amish Buggie Road Sign
Just 110 miles east of Chicago, Amish Country isn’t just a complete culture shock for the city residents, but it’s also a great experience for all who drive through for the day. Visitors of Amish Country can Drive the Heritage Trail, which requires an audio tour guide to lead you through all the hidden gems, historical monuments and interesting places to see throughout your drive.  Looking for more of a food tour? Amish Country offers a Foodie Trail for the food lovers, which directs you to the best restaurants and bars in town. If there are girls on this trip, there will be shopping and lucky for you, Amish Country has countless boutiques offering authentic gifts and clothing.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva Harbor at Sunset With BoatsThere’s more to Wisconsin than just their great cheese! There’s also Lake Geneva, which may be as equally delightful. Bring a cooler of drinks and snacks and hop in the car for an hour and a half drive to the beautiful Lake Geneva! If you’re looking to spend the day outdoors in a quiet, tranquil and scenic atmosphere, Lake Geneva is just the place to go. If you happen to drive out on a cloudy or rainy day, don’t stress! There are several excellent place to shop, eat and explore.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fall Leaves on the River in Ann ArborAnn Arbor is about a four-hour drive from Chicago. Even though it seems like it could take a little long to get there for a day trip, you’ll be impressed by the amount of history and culture you’ll get along with extensive options for dining, drinking and shopping. Ann Arbor offers some of the best beer in the country as well as the best food around. The Ann Arbor crowd is a fine mix of young professionals and middle-aged individuals that live and work in this vibrant city.