Key West, Florida is one of the top vacation destinations in the U.S. It’s pretty easy to see why: beautiful weather, relaxed atmosphere and a really fun environment all combine to make Key West a perfect vacation destination.

When you do take a trip to Key West, you’ll soon come to find out that Duval Street is where a lot of the action is. The street runs North to South down the western end of the island and is lined with restaurants, bars and other attractions.

Southernmost Point, Key WestIf it’s your first time heading to Key West on vacation, then my best advice is to start at one end and work your way down. It makes for a great day.

Around the Southern end of Duval Street, you’ll find the Southernmost Point. This is a famous spot featuring a huge painted buoy that marks the most Southern spot in the United States, as well as the Southernmost House, a beautifully painted old Victorian home.

Next, simply head north.

One of my favorite things to do in this part of Duval Street is to pop into some of the many different art galleries. Along the way you will be able to stroll by some of the traditional homes painted in bright pinks, blues and yellows, which you won’t find many other places in America.

It’s pretty easy to know when you are reaching the other end of Duval Street, because it gets a lot more lively. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that mix strong drinks, live music and outdoor seating in order to make a festive atmosphere.

Some of the most popular hot spots are Irish Kevin’s. If you love loud and rowdy bars, then this is the place to be, and for a more relaxed atmosphere with a great selection of beers The Porch is a great option.

At the Northern end of Duval Street, you’ll find Mallory Square. Full of entertainers, performers and people selling home made wares, it’s always a fun spot. You will want to end your stroll at Mallory Square around sunset, where you will be able to view a beautiful landscape of the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico, a perfect ending to the day.