Day Three (Sunday) – A Relaxing Trip to Banff

Calgary & Banff National Park

After a 1000-mile road trip on Friday, followed by horseback riding Saturday – and in anticipation of whitewater rafting on Monday – we decided on a relaxing Sunday visiting Banff National Park. Staying in Calgary, it was 100 miles to Banff (call it an “inset road trip”!)

After paying for a national park pass – good for four days – we headed into the park. Our first stop was the town of Banff. After struggling to find a parking spot (use the ramp instead), we walked directly to Central Park. Located on the Bow River, the park is a good spot for picture taking. The view of the Rocky Mountains is truly breathtaking!

Since we are more into scenery than tourist activities, we took the path from Central Park to Bow River Falls. Being at a higher elevation, the sun was hot but the shade was cool. The hike was less than a mile, and can be walked easily with only a couple of inclines. The hike was worth it; a picture alone simply can’t capture the beauty of these falls.

Bow River Falls, Banff, AB

Bow River Falls, Banff, AB

When we returned, we walked through town to our car. Banff is a typical tourist town, but something we were not accustomed to seeing in a national park.

We left Banff and headed to two natural areas. The first was Vermilion Lake, an atypical lake within an alpine setting. There is no dedicated parking in this area. The second was Lake Minnewanka. There is ample parking there, and for good reason. The views are simply amazing!

The day was getting ahead of us, so we decided to head back to Calgary for a good night’s sleep. The next day – whitewater rafting – was going to be a doozy!

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