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Welcome to Drive The Nation, the road trip blog that inspires you to see America by car. We believe the best vacations are road trips. The U.S. has so much to offer, from vibrant cities and incredible natural wonders to historic highways and quaint towns, and we want to see it all! Road trips give you the freedom to travel and explore the country spontaneously or with a plan. Either way, our travel tips and road trip itineraries can help you enjoy the best road trips in the USA.

If you’re a road trip aficionado who has already driven the great American highways, why not check out some lesser-known routes, or take a themed drive like a foodie road trip? The possibilities are endless.

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Travel Guide for USAOur blog doesn’t end with road trips! Our website is full of ideas for things to do once you arrive at your destination, including national and state parks, sightseeing, theme parks, museums and adventure travel ideas. There’s no way you’ll be bored when you Drive The Nation with us!

No matter where your next vacation takes you, Drive The Nation offers free travel guide articles to destinations across the country. We’ve covered some of the best vacation spots in the USA, from thrilling big cities to charming small towns and everything in between. Save on your next road trip with our budget traveling tips and advice on packing, travel safety, planning and more.

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