The Blue Ridge Mountains should be on everybody’s bucket list. Here are 5 reasons to pack your bags immediately and head out on this scenic 469-mile adventure that goes from Virginia to North Carolina.

1. It’s Pretty Quiet

The first reason is, it’s pretty quiet.

If you’re wondering why that’s such a big deal- you will understand when you get there. Because there is a speed limit of only 45 mph and big trucks are not allowed, cars are free to coast along at a comfortable pace.

So, roll down those windows, turn up that bluegrass, and enjoy the ride!

2. There Are Plenty of Stops  

Another good thing about this road trip is that you can hop off and on as you please. It’s a long, winding road with a ton of adventurous possibilities in store for you. Take any exit on the path to find restaurants, shops, museums, local parks, and more. And when you’re done, hop back on for more.

3. The People Are Friendly

You might be pleasantly surprised to discover the locals in the area are as sweet as the tea they’re sipping in their cups. So, if you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask for directions. You never know- you just might stumble upon a really good lunch tip.

4. It’s Romantic

Scenic drives with cozy picnic spots, spectacular waterfalls, and gorgeous sunsets are what romantic getaway dreams are made of. And Blue Ridge has it all. So, it’s no wonder why it’s home to several epic proposals every single year.

5. It’s Perfect Year-Round

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an absolute beauty at any time of the year.

During winter months, soft white blankets cover the mountains and visitors enjoy skiing and hot chocolate. During Spring and Summer, passerby’s admire the different flowers in bloom like lavender and azaleas. And fall? Well, it’s probably the most stunning season of all with every kind of red, orange, and yellow leaf perfectly framing the road.

Ready to get going?

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Originally posted September 17, 2020