There’s no question that everyday should be a day to remind mom of how much you love her and appreciate all she’s done. However, when Mother’s Day rolls around on May 11th this year, it’s best to have something a little extra special prepared for her.

Whether you’re planning a day out, or a dinner at home with the whole family, the one thing mom probably wants to do is spend the day with those she loves the most. While planning Mother’s Day this year, try to get the family together for one of these fun activities that will make the day special for everyone.

1. Take her out for Brunch

Yes, this may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s always appreciated when spent with family. Brunching with mom for Mother’s Day is something she will enjoy, especially if you take her to her favorite spot! Pick a great restaurant in your town and don’t forget to make reservations.

2. Walking around a small/historic town

If you live within driving distance of a great town to walk around, such as Savannah, GA or Asheville, NC, take mom out for the day! Walking around one of these towns allows her to shop, eat and enjoy a day with you. What makes it even better is that you treat her to whatever she’d like to purchase for the day.

3. Treat her to a spa day

This is a classic Mother’s Day treat that never disappoints. Grab mom and take her for a girl’s afternoon at the spa, and then maybe dinner with the rest of the family at night. Mom will love a day to relax at the spa!

4. Drive out to the beach for the day

If you live within driving distance of a beach, pack up the car and spend the day soaking up a few sun rays at the beach! Mom will love relaxing on a lounge chair with a cold drink and the ocean breeze for her special day.

5. Treat her to a weekend getaway

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be celebrated only on Mother’s Day! If you have the availability, treat her to a surprise getaway for the whole weekend! Make sure she doesn’t find out and it’s to a place you know she loves, or to a place she’s never been before.

6. Outdoor activity together

If mom enjoys a good hike, a bike ride on her favorite trail or even a day out surfing in the ocean, take her out and share this time together! She will love it if you are there doing it with her.

7. Cooking class

Moms who have a culinary interest might just love the idea of spending a few hours learning new tips and tricks to make a great meal! Find a local cooking school and purchase a class for you to do together.

8. To a concert

Bruce Springsteen IS on tour right now! Check your local venues’ concert schedule to see if her favorite bands or singers are coming to town.

9. A sporting event she likes

Is she a die-hard basketball fan? Why not grab a few tickets to an NBA playoff game? Don’t forget to throw in a few team t-shirts (it adds a nice touch!).

10. Spending the day at home 

Maybe mom works all week or she travels a lot, and all she wants to do is relax at home with the family. Have the kids cook and let her sip on a few glasses of wine. Sometimes, the best thing to do with mom is enjoying a relaxing day at home together!

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