When the weather gets hot one of the very best ways to cool down is dip into a swimming hole. While you might be lucky enough to have a place to cool down, you don’t want to miss out on some of these unique once in a lifetime experiences. 

So ditch the backyard pool, grab your road trip bag, and check out some of the coolest swimming holes to visit this summer

Ready to take a look?

1. Slide Rock State Park

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Not far outside Sedona, Arizona you’ll find Slide Rock State Park. What makes this park so special is the well worn soft red rocks that have formed a natural set of waterslides that goes right into a gentle creek. 

2. The Homestead Crater

All the other swimming holes on this list are out in the open. But the Homestead Crater is actually a swimming hole inside a sinkhole that’s also a geothermal spring. You won’t find a spot like this in many other places around the world. 

3. Hamilton Pool Preserve

Less than an hours drive from Austin; you’ll find Hamilton Pool Preserve. This is another unique spot that is an all natural grotto and waterfall with absolutely beautiful crystal clear blue water. 

4. Sand Harbor State Park

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While Lake Tahoe attracts a ton of visitors, those in the know also love checking out a more secluded part of the lake at Sand Harbor State Park. It’s known for its incredible mountain views and smoothy sandy beaches.

5. Opal Pool

Not far from Portland, Oregon you’ll find the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area. Hike a bit into the 500-year-old forest, and you’ll come across exactly what you’re looking for, Opal Pool, the perfect place to cool down for the afternoon. 

6. Diana’s Baths

When it gets hot and humid in New England, residents head to the water. When the ocean is too far of a drive, New Hampshire’s Diana’s Baths is a perfect substitute featuring cascading falls and small rock pools also. 

7. Sliding Rock Recreational Area

Not far from Asheville, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, you’ll find Sliding Rock Recreational Area. It’s biggest attraction is a natural 60-foot waterslide into an 8-foot deep fresh spring pool. Sounds perfect for beating the heat.

8. Meadow Run

Speaking of natural waterslides, few can beat Pennslyvania’s Ohiopyle State Park. Called Meadow Run, it’s a natural stream carved into a sandstone chute that runs over 100 feet, complete with some whitewater rushes. 

9. Havasu Falls

Arizona is home to not one but two swimming holes on our list and for a good reason. For most, Havasu Falls is accessible via a 10-mile hike, but once you get there you’ll be blown away by its beauty — and ready to take a dip!

10. Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park

Just about a two-hour drive from St. Louis, you’ll find Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park. Many refer to it as a natural waterpark because of the way the bedrock has formed, allowing for dozens of smaller pools and water chutes.

Next time the temperature starts soaring, head to your local swimming hole, or take an impromptu road trip and give one of these a try!