School’s out… now what? It’s only a matter of time before the kids start sounding off the two words parents dread most over summer break: “I’m boreddd.” Have no fear, parental units of the world, for we have put together an epic list of activities to keep the kids busy this summer.

Things to Do for Kids This Summer
So, pull your kids away from the television or computer screen and check out our 101 Awesome Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer:

  1. Visit an aquarium
  2. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  3. Start a neighborhood newsletter
  4. Make a bird feeder
  5. Attend an air show
  6. Host a garage sale
  7. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  8. Build a tree house
  9. Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  10. Visit a drive-in movie theater
  11. Deliver flowers to a retirement home
  12. Write a letter to grandma and grandpa
  13. Plant a garden
  14. Foster a kitten
  15. Take a trip to the zoo
  16. Check out a good book from your local library
  17. Design a new super hero
  18. Build a blanket fort
  19. Draw “get well soon” pictures and deliver them to a local children’s hospital
  20. Explore a kid-friendly city
  21. Visit a summer carnival
  22. Climb to the top of a lighthouse
  23. Catch fireflies
  24. Visit a national park
  25. Make your own 4th of July decorations
  26. Plan a neighborhood cleanup day
  27. Dress up as a pirate
  28. Pitch a tent in the backyard
  29. Support a local farmer’s market
  30. Re-decorate the bedroom
  31. Race snails or hermit crabs
  32. Draw a self portrait
  33. Host a lemonade stand for charity
  34. Build your own instruments and perform a concert
  35. Explore a neighboring town
  36. Dig for dinosaurs
  37. Create a collage using photos from old magazines
  38. Dress up your pets and have a photoshoot
  39. Make “street eat” bags to keep in the car for homeless people
  40. Design blueprints for your dream home
  41. Explore a cavern
  42. Make homemade play dough
  43. Fly a kite
  44. Build a sandcastle
  45. Visit an antique mall
  46. Plant a tree
  47. Have a water balloon fight
  48. Host a neighborhood movie night
  49. Visit a theme park
  50. Make your own ice cream
  51. Volunteer at a food pantry or homeless shelter
  52. Go go-cart riding
  53. Enroll in a camp
  54. Check out a butterfly festival
  55. Take a camping trip
  56. Bake a cake from scratch
  57. Swim with the Florida manatees
  58. Memorize the state capitals
  59. Solve a puzzle
  60. Host a sleepover party
  61. Take your dog to the beach with you
  62. Bake cookies for an elderly neighbor
  63. Go stargazing
  64. Sign up for a family 5K
  65. Participate in a community cleanup
  66. Build your own board game (and then play it!)
  67. Scavenge the beach for shells
  68. Write a book
  69. Go to a baseball game
  70. Set up a tire swing
  71. Explore a local museum
  72. Join a summer sports league
  73. Go fishing
  74. Bring dinner to your local fire department
  75. Attend a lake festival
  76. Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your driveway
  77. Become a pen-pal with a soldier
  78. Attend a health fair
  79. Sign up for a walking tour
  80. Take a kayaking trip
  81. Organize your closet and donate old clothes
  82. Go bowling
  83. Watch a fireworks show
  84. Plan a low-budget vacation
  85. Play beach volleyball
  86. Set up a slip-n-slide in the back yard
  87. Visit a wax museum
  88. Take a scenic bike ride
  89. Run through the sprinklers
  90. Go horseback riding
  91. Pick blueberries or attend a blueberry festival
  92. Play Marco Polo
  93. Make s’mores in the back yard
  94. Write a letter to your future self to be opened in ten years
  95. Make your own pizza
  96. Take a family road trip
  97. Watch a sunrise
  98. Sign up for a cooking class
  99. Go rollerblading
  100. Visit a waterfall
  101.  Organize a neighborhood kickball tournament

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