There is nothing comfortable about traveling for a long period of time. Whether by car or airplane, sometimes there is no escaping a long day of traveling. There are a few key things to remember when preparing for a long trip, and in my travels, I’ve definitely learned the hard way. From wearing proper attire to bringing along plenty of snacks, one of the most important things to keep you happy and comfortable en route is none other than a really comfortable travel pillow.

Using a travel pillow creates a supportive cushion for your head and neck while you’re seated in an upright position. This will help you sleep better (if you plan on sleeping), and will also create a comfortable position so you aren’t hurting any neck or back muscles.  The majority of these pillows will come in the shape of a horseshoe, and can be used for not just sleeping, but also for reading or watching TV.

When you get to a point where you don’t know exactly which pillow to purchase, don’t panic! There are several different brands and types that offer different levels of comfort. It all depends on what is most comfortable to you.

Take a look at 5 of our favorite Travel Pillows:

Clever Comforts PillowClever Comforts Total Pillow

Clever Comforts Total Pillow is a unique shaped pillow that really does offer total support and comfort! This shape-shifting pillow gives you the option to fold, twist, lock, or bend in any position that makes you most comfortable. This is a perfect pillow for traveling, as it also comes in a soft, microfiber material for added comfort. Learn more about the Clever Comforts Total Pillow here.


Woman on Airplane With Travel PillowCabeau Evolution Pillow

Here’s a new one for you. The Cabeau Evolution Pillow may sort of resemble a neck brace, but it’s ergonomic design features full head and chin support that ensure that you’re entire neck is comfortable throughout the duration of your trip. It also includes a snazzy media pouch of a music player! This makes for a great gift, or just a great way to treat yourself. Learn more about the Cabeau Evolution Pillow at the link here.

Comfort Master Travel PillowThe Comfort Master

Whether plane, train or automobile, enjoy the comforts of The Comfort Master neck pillow. The Comfort Master is a therapeutic memory foam pillow designed to mold into the shape of your neck. It is 100% washable and even comes with a travel bag! For more information about The Comfort Master, check out it out here.


Woman Using Brookstone Travel PillowBrookstone BioSense® Neck Travel Pillow

Brookstone’s popular BioSense® Neck Travel Pillow features an exclusive memory foam that helps alleviate any pain or pressure. This pillow’s U-shape is designed to support your head and neck during any long trip so you can rest comfortably! Learn more information about the Brookstone BioSense® Neck Travel Pillow here.


Inflatable Travel PillowSkyrest Travel Pillow

This one may look odd to you, but it’s actually one of the most comfortable of the bunch! The SkyRest Travel Pillow looks like a giant vertical pillow that you place on a table, lean forward, and go to sleep. Treat this like any ordinary pillow, and you’ll get the best travel sleep of your life! Learn more here.