“Are we there yet?” the dreaded words every parent hates to hear on a long car journey. Whilst long drives are sometimes unavoidable, boredom can be kept at bay with these simple yet amusing car games. Eye spy will be long forgotten with these games. No props or tools required, all you need is your imagination and wits about you. Have fun!

1. Who’s Next Door?

This is a great game if you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. It’s simple – everyone looks out of their window at the car next to them (you might want to get in the middle lane first) and takes a quick peek at the person in the car next to them.

Each person then tells the other passengers a story about this person. Their name, their job, where they are going and why, the more elaborate the better. As the story becomes more ridiculous you might get inspiration from the person’s car, and other things you can see.

Just don’t get caught by the person you’re talking about! To make the game extra fun tell the kid’s that they mustn’t get caught looking by their character, or they’re out.

2. Sing-Along

This is a brilliant game for any pop prince or princess. One person at a time picks a song – either on the radio or CD/MP3. Turn the music up loud and let them sing along – turn the volume down at any time without warning and the singer has to keep going a capella – when you turn the volume back up the singer gets points for how closely they kept time with the song.

3. Alphabet Game

A simple classic that provides hours of entertainment. Pick any category you like – vegetables, countries, musicians, you name it – and begin with the letter A. Going around the car every person has to name something in the category beginning with that letter. Keep going until you exhaust A then move on to B, and so on, until you’ve gone all the way through the alphabet. Then change categories.

4. Traffic Bingo

This is a good game for all the family. Everyone picks their “numbers” before you begin – for example a red lorry, a yellow mini, a caravan and a car with a dog poking its head out of the window. Then it’s a waiting and watching game – cross off your “numbers” as you spot them, the first person to spot them all wins!
This game can be made easier or harder depending on the ages of your children, from simple options like “red car” to more difficult ones like “a driver wearing sunglasses”.

5. Beep & Wave

This game is best played in residential areas and will have the kids screaming with laughter. All you do is beep your horn at passing pedestrians and wave at them as you drive by as if you know them from somewhere. Every time one waves back you score a point. Every person that doesn’t wave loses a point.

Let the kids decide who you honk at, just be careful not to alarm other drivers, and try not to annoy any pedestrians before you have to pull up at traffic lights!

Author Bio: Patricia Holmes writes on behalf of motorloansdirect.com. She is a family blogger and mother of two. They often drive long distances to visit relatives.