When it comes to packing the cosmetics, many ladies do it effortlessly or freak out a bit. File me somewhere in the middle. Even though I could write a book on flying with beauty products, I still manage to get a wee bit anxious. I can be a bit glass is half empty-ish and I always feel like I’m going to forget something. I’ve learned that the best way to combat these feelings is by packing multi-purpose items; that way even I do forget something, chances are one of my multi-purpose products can play a role. Genius, right? Check out my top 5 favorite multi-purpose beauty products.

Olive oil – I know what you’re thinking…isn’t olive oil for cooking? It is! But it is also fantastic on the skin, hair and nails. I enjoy using extra light virgin olive after washing my face at night. I also run it through my hair for added sheen. When my cuticles start to look pretty dull, I rub just a bit of olive oil on them. Olive oil has several uses and is a great beauty buddy to take while traveling.

Hair conditioner – If you’re a gal with drier hair, shampoo can be a bit striping. I like to wash my hair with conditioner so I not only use it for that but I also use it for shaving my legs. I haven’t purchased shaving cream in years simply because I’ve found that hair conditioner does a dynamic job at slicking the skin and prepping it for a shave.

A plastic bag – You didn’t know that a plastic bag could be a beauty product? It can be! I like to pack at least 3 plastic bags with me because they come in handy for so many things. I use them for wrapping up liquids (like that olive oil). Sometimes spills are inevitable while traveling and plastic bags prevent said spills from getting all over my clothes. Plastic bags are also great storing soiled clothes and shoes. And laugh if you want but if you’ve forgotten yours at home and the hotel hasn’t provided any, plastic bags are wonderful shower caps.

Cotton swabs – I am likely to run out of toilet paper before I run out of cotton swabs. Those wonderful fluffy cottony bits on a stick are staples in the beauty world. I also make sure that I have packed at least 10 of them while I travel. They are great for spot treating pimples, applying eyeshadow, cleaning up nail polish mess-ups and for massaging oil under baggy eyes.

Castile soap – This stuff is gaining popularity these days but I’ve been hip to this magical soap for years now. Castile soap can cleanse everything body to hair, clothes and everything in between. I love tossing it in my travel bag because it makes a great body wash and shampoo. The klutz that is me almost always gets some kind of stain on my clothes and castile soap is right there to treat the stain before I can wash it.

What are some of your favorite beauty products to take along on your travels?