In our digital world, we have access to almost everything at the touch of our fingertips. The Internet has enhanced virtually every aspect of our lives. Social media, text messaging and e-mails are just a few of the tools that have allowed us to stay connected. However, the same interconnectivity that keeps us in constant contact with one another can also be the wedge that drives us apart.

Family time is incredibly important, but it can be tough to accomplish. Portable game consoles, mobile phones and tablets – just to name a few – are distractions that can hinder quality time spent with loved ones.

During your next trip, we challenge you to fully disconnect from the digital world. Our team at has compiled 5 Tips for an Unplugged Vacation.

 Plan Ahead

Before you completely sign-off from the real world, it’s important that you alert others beforehand. Communicate your plans with trusted family members and designate at least one person to be your emergency point of contact. Then, share your hotel’s contact information with this individual so he/she can reach you in the event of an emergency.

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Pick a Remote Location

One surefire way to avoid contact with the outside world is to get as far away as possible. Cellular service is a rarity throughout the mountains of the Carolinas or the plains of Oklahoma, so choosing a remote location is certainly beneficial if you truly plan to detach.

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Turn On Auto-Reply

In the corporate world, a lack of response to an e-mail is considered very unprofessional. An out-of-office notice is a simple way to let others know that you are away from your desk and unable to respond immediately. Be sure to include the dates of your trip, so they can know when to expect a reply.

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 Leave the Charger Home

It can be troubling to watch your battery dwindle to less than 5%. In fact, the thought of a red low battery message may even send chills down your spine. Challenge yourself to leave your charger at home so that you can fully experience your vacation unplugged.

Use Airplane Mode

If you plan to use your mobile phone or tablet for photography purposes, then it’s not a bad idea to switch your device to airplane mode. Not only will this help save battery, but you will be less tempted to hop online to browse social media or check e-mail during your trip.

Have you taken an unplugged vacation? We would love to hear what helped you detach from the digital world. We invite you to share your tips in the comment section below.