We’ve all experienced it at least once in our lifetime – that passenger on your flight that just gets under your skin. Perhaps you’re the one causing all the ruckus, but don’t really know it.  Some folks may not realize that flying can be really simple – all you have to do it sit there and follow the rules, right? Not in every case. Take a look at five sure-fire ways to not irritate your fellow flight passengers.

1. Seats. This has to be one of the most common annoyances on flights. When in your seat, make sure you recline all the way down. Especially if the airplane provides personal TVs on each seat and if they’re using their tray for eating, drinking or working. Don’t forget, their TV and tray table are both on the back of your seat. Also, kick or pull as much as you can on the seat in front of you. Airplane space can be tricky when trying to get up or get comfortable, feel free to maneuver using whatever means necessary.

2. Chatty Cathy. All of us have sat next to a Chatty Cathy at one time or another. Keep the conversation at a high even if the person next to you is indirectly telling you they aren’t interested in a conversation. Your conversation is much more interesting than the music, movie or book they were planning on enjoying. If you’re talking to your travel companion, try and keep your voice so that the person in the lavatory can hear you. They don’t want to miss out on the gossip while they’re up.

3. Drinking. Some of us (especially with flying anxiety) enjoy a glass of wine to calm the nerves and relax us. Take advantage of the altitude and drink enough to get drunk. Being drunk on an airplane 30,000 feet in the air can cause a great deal of disturbance and make those around you feel uncomfortable. For your own health, it’s best to stay hydrated during a flight though.

4. Children. If you’re flying with children, let them do whatever they want. It’s their vacation too.  Make sure they are pushing or kicking the seat in front of them and certainly let them run around. Take it from me, there’s nothing more annoying than a wild child and parents who seemingly don’t care.

5. Ignore the Rules. Buckling your seat belt, loitering near the bathroom, and using you phone are rules that were made to by broken. If you’re on your cell phone when phones are instructed to be turned off, your passengers may feel uncomfortable for their own safety.