Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you eager to climb that hiking path or attempt a yoga pose on top of a mountain? If you prefer ditching your hotel room for a quiet refuge in nature, your next vacation should enable you to reconnect with the great outdoors. These six destinations are great for those who are seeking a getaway to explore nature:

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a must for for nature lovers.You can explore the waterfalls in Haleakala National Park as well as the quiet of the bamboo forest. If you prefer connecting with water, try surfing the waves or paddleboarding. To experience an unforgettable view of the beach, head to Kaihalulu beach, where you will see red sand, colored by the cinders of previous volcanoes. To cap off the trip, drive the twists and turns on the Road to Hana, where you will encounter plush greenery and secluded trails.

Baxter State Park, Maine

Hiking and backpacking is a popular activity in Baxter State Park. At the end of one particular trail, you can view Mt. Katahdin, which marks the end of the Appalachian trail. After your hike, you can take your boat out on one of three lakes: Grand Lake Matagamon, Webster Lake and Nesowadnehunk Lake. If you want to go fishing, make certain you have all the necessary permits and licensing. Visit to obtain your license.

Everglades National Park, Florida

CNN lists the Everglades as one of the 10 best places in the United States to escape civilization. Expect to see alligators and other sea life in and around the water. For those who love to learn specifics about their destination, naturalists along the trails offer talks and vacationers can also opt to canoe or take a wild life tour through Shark Valley.

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is considered one of the top rock-climbing destinations in the world and a mecca for camping and hiking. The views are breathtaking, with waterfalls and ecological diversity.

Lake Mead, Nevada

For many who enjoy nature, Lake Mead is an off-the-radar destination that will provide beautiful views and a chance to connect with nature without competing with crowds. Witness the magnificence of the Hoover Dam or enjoy white water rafting, boating and fishing on the Colorado River. There are ample opportunities to catch a spectacular shot of desert life and majestic scenery.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Canyon At Sunset

Are you seeking to combine your love of nature and spirituality? Sedona and its stunning red sandstone mountains are considered by many to emanate a sacred quality. People commune with nature in a different way, by seeking their vortex among the twists and turns of the mountains. For those who want a traditional nature experience, there are ample places to hike and witness gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Nature lovers will find several destinations across the United States for getaways that highlight mountains, open water and a retreat among Mother Earth. Those who want to reconnect with the outdoors have ample opportunity to find a destination that will fit their needs.