If you’ve never had the chance to go river tubing…well, you’re missing out. Imagine floating down a lazy river in an inner tube, enjoying the sites, getting some sun, chatting with friends and family, and maybe even hitting a rapid or two.

Many rivers around the country have outfitters that offer both tubes, and in some places, coolers for any food or beverages you want to take with you. Make sure to check the rules on exactly what you can take.

Right now is the perfect time of year to get out to the nearest river and go tubing. But, if you want some of the best experiences out there, check out these river tubing hotspots.

Truckee River

While most people head to the Lake Tahoe area to hang out by the lake, the Truckee River provides a nice leisurely float that goes on for between three and five miles. If you want to try a little bit more excitement, check out the Truckee River Whitewater Park.

Middle Loup River

Now, in Nebraska, residents forgo the traditional tubes and float in stock tanks, retrofitted drinking water containers for cows. Not only do they float, but they are also completely waterproof, leaving you completely dry while floating down the Middle Loup River!

Yakima River


Tubing on the Yakima RiverIf you’re looking for a long float with a bit of excitement built in, look no further than Washington State’s Yakima River. Since the river runs through a canyon, brave floaters can abandon their tubes, climb up to the 30-40 foot ledges and jump in. Make sure to jump safely!

Yampa River

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One of the highlights of floating down the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is the fact that unlike many spots, the river is well populated with small shops, bars, and restaurants. That means you can easily hop off and create a custom trip.

Delaware River

The Delaware River Gap is quite well known on the East Coast, and this New Jersey hot spot is one of the most popular places to float for those looking to escape New York City and Philadelphia. The float provides hours of fun, plus it has some mild rapids for more excitement.

San Marcos River

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When the summer comes, there are few things Texans love more than tubing down one of their many popular rivers. The San Marcos River might be the most popular, simply because it is fed by hot springs, making the water a delightful 72 degrees all year round.

Ichetucknee River

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If you want a lazy float, a very mild current, and crystal clear water, then look no further than Florida’s Ichetucknee River. A standard float will provide about two hours of fun, and with many overhanging trees, feel free to climb them and jump back into the cool water.

These are just seven of our top picks for the best rivers for tubing around America. Now, we turn it over to you. Have you been river tubing? What are some of your favorite spots in your area, let us know in the comments!