Covering almost 2,000 miles through 15 states, Interstate 95 is the most used highway system in America.

And while this one road goes through some of the biggest cities in the United States and touches a huge portion of the population, it gets decidedly rural in its last two states: New Hampshire and Maine.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do and see for anyone who is taking an I-95 road trip. In fact, both Maine and New Hampshire offer all types of scenery, events, and activities for the entire family. 

In this post, we’ll cover some of our favorite spots along I-95 in New Hampshire and Maine. So buckle in and get ready!

New Hampshire

shops alongside the road in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire might be home to the smallest stretch of 95 in any of the states. Only 16 miles of the interstate touches this region between Massachusetts and Maine.

Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is the place to see and be seen on New Hampshire’s Seacoast come the summer. It’s got everything you could want; boardwalk, tons of fun shops, plenty of fresh seafood, a live music venue, and of course a beautiful stretch of beach. 

Smuttynose Brewery

If you love craft beer, Northern New England has got you covered. All throughout Maine and New Hampshire you’ll find dozens of places. Right off 95 in Hampton, New Hampshire you’ll see the farm turned brewery for Smuttynose. It offers tours and samples throughout the year.


Portsmouth is a historic city right on New Hampshire’s picturesque Seacoast, the last stop before you hit Maine. Because of its age and history, there are plenty of activities that make this a worthy stop on any tour including the Strawbery Banke Museum and the USS Albacore Museum & Park.


When it comes to amazing scenery, Maine has got it all. Traveling along Interstate 95 you’ll see everything from the rocky shoreline of the Atlantic to mountains and forests. 


Cape Neddick Lighthouse, "Nubbles", in Maine

For those road tripping with kids and looking for a family-friendly destination, you can’t beat York. It’s got the famous Nubble Light House, great beaches, and the York Animal Kingdom within miles of each other.


Portland is one of the coolest small cities in America. And don’t just ask us, it gets nominated for that title year after year. In Portland, you’ll find a funky mix of fisherman, artists, and world-class chefs all residing in this pretty little city by the sea. 


The majority of Maine’s residents live close to the ocean. However, it’s third largest city is right in the middle of the state. Bangor has got tons on offer. If you’re in the region during winter, stop by New Hermon Mountain for skiing and tubing minutes outside the city center.

Mount Katahdin Scenic Overlook

Canoe and trees on a lake in Maine. Mount Katahdin sunrise in the background.

Mount Katahdin holds two distinctions. First, it’s the tallest mountain in Maine. And second, it’s the end point of the famous Appalachian Trail. Since it’s tucked away in Baxter State Park, most people don’t get to see much of it, but right off 95 in Medway, Maine you’ll find a beautiful scenic overlook.

As you can tell, there is plenty to do and see along I-95 in both New Hampshire and Maine. So, if your road trip takes you this far north, get excited!

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