For many, the iconic movie Sleepless in Seattle rings a bell, or the historic landmark, the Space Needle when they think of Seattle. However, these are just a few things the city is known for. Seattle is a perfect place to visit on a road trip. Just a few hours from both Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia, you really can’t go wrong whichever direction you choose.

If you are in Seattle for a quick stopover, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Ranging from shopping to sports entertainment, to historic landmarks. In this post, we’re naming just a few of many activities that can be seen in just one day.

Take in Pike Place

Arguably Seattle’s most famous destination, Pike Place is a giant farmers market, with stunning views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. It makes the perfect spot to grab a bite, and take in some people watching.

Beyond checking out the flying fish, the best part of Pike Place is the food offered. Much of it is made and sourced locally, so you can find incredible homemade gelato, cheese, and pasta. 

Fish market at Pikes Places in Seattle, WA

In addition to the general market hours, there are guided-tours, happy hours and special events. You can start planning your visit here.

Hop on a Ferry Ride

Not surprisingly, Seattle has a massive ferry system to get around Puget Sound. What better way to get a view of the city than taking Seattle in from the water.

For perfect views of wildlife and nature, take the public ferry to Bremerton. Round trip it’s about two hours but you will be able to really enjoy the scenery on the way. If you want to spend a few extra bucks, then there are cruises that will take you on a tour with guides for about an hour.

Ferry Boat ride in Seatlte, WA

Watch a Ball Game

Seattle is also home to the Mariners, an American League baseball team. If you are lucky enough to be in town while a game is going on, you can walk right up to the gate and get cheap tickets starting at $15.

The stadium, Safeco Field, is located right downtown and accessible via public transportation from both Seattle proper and the airport. If you are headed out on a red-eye flight from SeaTac airport, a few hours at the game is a perfect ending before heading home.

Seattle baseball field

Seattle baseball field

Visit The Space Needle

At the Space Needle, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking views of Seattle at a height of 520 feet. The observation deck is open Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 10 pm. In addition, it is open on Sunday from 9 am – 9 pm. However, the last ticket is sold thirty minutes prior to closing, so be sure to plan ahead.

In addition to the observation deck, experience the “Panocam” where you’ll get the chance to view Seattle with a panoramic camera.

Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

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Visiting Seattle, Washington in a day