By Melanie Warner

On a recent road trip from California to Texas, we needed to find a stop that was convenient, practical, and affordable. Luckily we found an incredible spot that was exactly half way between – and located along the historic Route 66. La Posada Hotel is in the sleepy town of Winslow, Arizona just a block away from the famous corner featured in the song “Take it Easy.”

La Posada Hotel was the last great railroad hotel built by the legendary Fred Harvey Company who commissioned America’s foremost female designer and architect, Mary Colter. She believed in the unique American architecture and incorporated materials and history from the region. Inspired by the great Haciendas of the Southwest, with Spanish and Indian influences, this Pueblo Deco location was her crowning achievement and personal mission. It opened in 1930 at the beginning of the great Depression, but never made a profit. It was threatened for demolition in 1993, but a group of architectural mercenaries saved and refurbished the property. Visionary Alan Affeldt and artist Tina Mion moved in on April Fool’s Day in 1997 and began the lengthy (and daily) process of refurbishing this incredible property back to its true form. Daniel Lutzick was the third partner and general manager (who also converted an old department store he purchased into a residence).

I’m not sure what inspires people to go to such great lengths to save old buildings, but I am happy they exist. The hotel, restaurant, museum, and gardens are spectacular. The ethos of this sacred space will transport you back to the heyday of the rambling railroads and Route 66, but allows for all modern comforts at a surprisingly affordable rate. Each room has a unique theme to honor the area, culture, history and even honored guests like the Einstein Room or the Howard Hughes Room.

Anyone on a road trip would be remiss without a stop here. It’s on the way to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Texas, New Mexico and many other amazing parts of the country. Travel insiders have deemed it one of the best hotels (and best bargains) in the country, so book early.