Beat the Traffic App
Traffic is the bane of my existence. I can be rolling happily in my car with my favorite song blaring and be in the best of spirits. Blinking brake lights and an abrupt stop and I’ve met my worse nightmare: traffic. How does this happen? How can the traffic be flowing one minute and be backed up for miles the next? The fact is, this can happen on any street all over the world, and if you’re already in said traffic jam, there isn’t much you can do about it. How cool would it be if you could access an app that would save you time and help you avoid traffic jams along your route? One of our managers introduced us to Beat The Traffic and we’re hooked! While it is incredibly useful for long road trips with stretches of highway in front of you, I also found it to be ideal while going to and from work, especially after 5 p.m. I always feel so official when I use this app because man, viewing traffic cameras is cool!
This free mobile app is available on Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Download it today!