Need an Adrenaline Fix? Hit up These Cliff Diving Spots Across the US

For those amature adrenaline junkies, there are few things more exhilarating than a great cliff dive. Standing on the top of a rocky outcropping, looking over the water, you can feel a little (ok a lot) of nerves right before the jump. But afterwards? Wow the rush is amazing.

Of course, it goes without saying, makes sure to keep your safety in check, no matter how experienced at cliff diving you are. Make sure you do everything to have fun while cliff diving so you can do those jumps again and again!

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of cliff diving fans all across America, and they know some of the best known and more hidden spots across the country to get your cliff diving on.

Here are four spots in the United States that cliff divers keep going to again and again.

Lake Powell, Utah

By now, we know Utah is home to some of the best outdoor adventure opportunities in the country, so it should come as no surprise it’s also where some of the best cliff diving is. Lake Powell has a number of beautiful red rocks to scale before jumping about 30 feet down.

The lake is a popular retreat for vacationers as well as cliff divers of all levels of experience, try heading away from the main channel to places like Lake Canyon to find some of the best spots.

Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii

Cliff diving all really came to be on the shores of Hawaii, and now the island of Maui has some of the very best diving across the entire state. This is a more challenging dive, with heights up to 80 feet from the top of the cliff.

One of the favorites for both locals and visitors is Kaanapali Beach. The area, known as Black Rock (or Puu Kekaa) has a daily ceremony right around sunset featuring a cliff diver, conch shell and lei, it’s pretty amazing.

Tar Creek Falls, California

To really experience the dive at Tar Creek Falls, you have to start by working for it. It’s a tough hike to scale the top of the 70 foot jump, but most cliff divers will assure you it’s worth it! Located in Los Padres National Forest, about a two hours drive from Los Angeles, it’s a unique experience.

Once you actually make it to the top of the cliff, the jump goes directly into a raging waterfall, something completely different from most jumps that go into the ocean. This one is a bucket list cliff dive for sure!

Red Rocks Park, Vermont

While a spot in Vermont might seem a bit out of place on the list, the cliff dives offered at Red Rocks Park are known as some of the most thrilling (and dangerous) in the country. The full jumps here are not for the newbies!

The jumps go right into Lake Champlain, so be sure to hit the area in warmer weather, and still be prepared for the added rush of plunging 80 feet down into freezing cold water! Even just going to watch is still an adventure.

If you’re looking for a true rush on your next vacation and a great addition to the old bucket list, be sure to check out some of these cliff diving destinations. What are your favorites?