Aaaaaah, food trucks. Who doesn’t love ’em? The variety of cuisine on top of that special “food truck” flavor is the thing that makes foodies fall in love. You see them parked on the side of the street and if you’re really into it, you may have even attended a food truck festival in your city. Although the food truck craze has been a thing for a few years now, there are some cities that take in the culture a bit more than others. Check below to see if your city is one of the best food truck cities in America.

San Francisco, CA


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San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in America, and food trucks are a part of that! Regardless of which corner you turn on, you’re bound to find a food truck that will blow your mind (and your taste buds). 

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Tampa, FL

Tampa takes their food trucks so seriously, that they are the home of a Food Truck Rally. Food Truck Rally promotes local cuisine and gets the food out there on the streets with food trucks. Also, Tampa Bay’s Florida State Fairgrounds is home to the World’s Largest Food Truck Rally each year.

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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Food Truck Thursday

Atlanta is an up and coming city when it comes to food trucks and there is no better time to experience these awesome trucks than now. This city is where you will find down home southern comfort food mixed with Mexican and Asian influences.

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Miami, FL

Miami is no doubt a mecca for international cuisine. In Miami, you can find hundreds of food trucks lined on the streets throughout the city. Regardless of what type of cuisine you’re looking for, Miami will have a food truck for it not far from where you are.

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Denver, CO


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Denver is home to over 100 different food trucks and take our word for it – each one is amazing! Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, whether it’d be barbecue or pizza, you can find it and it will be absolutely delicious.

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Minneapolis, MN


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Looking for a food truck in the Twin Cities? You won’t have to look very far because there are literally food trucks on almost every street corner. You can find them parked outside of breweries, farmers markets, and elsewhere.

Quick Guide to the Twin Cities

Washington, DC

Food trucks in Washington Some food trucks gathered in Washington, DC.

With over 150 food trucks, Washington DC is definitely a place to go to get your fill of them. When they’re not roaming the streets, they are likely setting up festivals and events, and they will all make your mouth water.

Quick Guide to Washington D.C

Austin, TX


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Austin is a town filled with diversity, and their food trucks are no different. Looking for a culinary experience in town? You’re in the right city, because Austin is home to over a whopping 250 food trucks that roam the city!

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Portland, OR

Portland is a staple to the food truck craze. As a city that is frequented by vegan hippies, you’d be surprised at the variety of food truck cuisine you can find here. Get this, over 350 food trucks drive around Portland, crazy, right?

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Orlando, FL

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Last, but certainly not least, there’s Orlando! The city beautiful is the food truck capital of the world having the most food trucks per capita in the country. With a combination of the sunshine and a strong food truck community, Orlando takes the prize home for being the best food truck city in America.

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Do you think your city should be on this list? Share your thoughts with us!

Best Food Truck Cities