Our office has been buzzing over the delicious eats that await us for Thanksgiving Day. For many, Thanksgiving Day is one of the few days we allow ourselves to over-indulge in food. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t note the sentimental aspect of Thanksgiving Day, a day that allows us to give thanks and be grateful for the loved ones in our lives. But let’s face it, the food is a significant highlight as well.

But what happens if you want to step outside of the box and want do do something untraditional when it comes to delicious eats? What if you don’t want to see a pumpkin pie, stuffing or dare we say it, a regular ole’ turkey at your table? How will your family react if you wanted to push the limits and try something new this holiday season? We’re risk takers and we think that if the mood strikes you to do something differently when it comes to food, go for it! After all, what’s the worse that could happen? And who knows…you may actually start a new family tradition with a yummy new dish.

That said, today we found one of the best bread pudding recipes we could find. A few of us happen to be bread pudding fiends and we think it’s quite the horror that this hearty and delectable dish doesn’t have a permanent spot at the Thanksgiving Day table. It is with this post that we intend to change this.

As with any recipe, feel free to tweak this one to your liking. We’d love to hear how it turned out! Check out the recipe here.