Blue Christmas Ornaments
If you are anything like me, your Christmas tree may still be looking a bit bare. I know, it’s sad because while most people have gotten their tree shortly after Thanksgiving, I just got mine up a few days ago. And that’s just the tree. I haven’t even strung the lights or pulled out the ornaments yet. Such a tragedy, right? I don’t care if it seems like a waste of time to do it now, but this weekend I am finally going to put up some ornaments and not just any kind of ornaments…but homemade ornaments.

I got the idea from my Mom. She is the creative genius in our family and each year she makes a few ornaments for the tree. I visited her last week and her theme was “blue” and so she made a few blue ornaments. Pretty snazzy, uh?

Let’s see if I too can whip up some quick ornaments. Wish me luck!


Have you ever made Christmas ornaments before?