U.S. Route 6 may not be the most well-known road trip route, like Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway, but it can take you from all the way across the U.S. from coast to coast. Heading from east to west, the highway begins in Massachusetts and ends in California, with plenty of interesting attractions along the way. 

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Old Harbor Lifesaving Station (Provincetown, Cape Cod)

From the quaint and scenic Provincetown to historical attractions and museums, Route 6 winds along the entire coast of Massachusetts. If you love lighthouses and all things seaside, you’ll love the Route 6 drive through Massachusetts. Read about our favorite attractions along the way.

Connecticut & Rhode Island

Hartford Skyline

Your Route 6 scenic drive continues through Rhode Island and Connecticut, stopping in bustling cities like Providence and Hartford as well as charming towns in both states. Enjoy museums, vineyards, zoos and parks along Route 6 in Rhode Island and Connecticut!


Colton Point State Park Overlook

By I, Ruhrfisch, CC BY-SA 3.0

The drive on Route 6 through Pennsylvania takes you along the road less traveled. Rather than hitting the big cities like Philly and Pittsburgh, you’ll pass through Scranton and Erie and all the sights in between. Many beautiful natural attractions are accessible from Route 6, including Pine Creek Gorge, Cherry Springs State Park, Allegheny National Forest and Presque Isle State Park.


Panoramic image of Cleveland downtown at twilight blue hour.From browsing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to posing with a giant can of Campbell’s Soup in Napoleon, the attractions along Route 6 in Ohio offer fun for the whole family.

Illinois & Indiana

Route 6

You’re in for a truly scenic drive as you take Route 6 through Indiana’s Amish Country. Stop at churches, farmers markets, and museums as you make your way into Illinois just outside of Chicago. The attractions along Route 6 in Illinois are all about architecture, from mid-century homes to covered bridges.

Iowa & Nebraska


By Fredddie – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Trust us, you didn’t leave the farmlands behind in Indiana, there’s plenty of open space to enjoy as you drive through Iowa and Nebraska. You may be surprised, however, that Route 6 will bring you to plenty of attractions, including the home of President Hoover, an Air and Space Museum and more.


Lake Dillon

One of the most beautiful sections of the coast-to-coast drive on US Route 6 is through Colorado. After passing through the prairie and the Denver metropolis, you’ll make your way through the glorious rocky mountains. Passing through famous ski towns, the Continental Divide, and much more, Route 6 in Colorado is unforgettable.


Utah Route 6

By Staplegunther at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

When driving US Route 6 from east to west, you’ll enter Utah in the northeast part of the state. Throughout the drive, you’ll be inspired by red rock vistas. Stops along the way include dinosaur museums and clear blue hot springs!


Wheeler Peak stands over Great Basin National Park Nevada.

When you picture Nevada, you probably think of the neon lights of the Las Vegas strip, but Route 6 takes travelers to explore a whole different part of this beautiful state. You’ll drive through small towns with towering mountain ranges and stop to enjoy natural attractions such as Great Basin National Park.


General Sherman Sequoia Tree

From the towering granite peaks and sequoia trees of California’s national parks to the TV studios in Burbank, driving Route 6 through California can show you just how diverse the Golden State is. Your coast-to-coast Route 6 drive ends in Long Beach, California – a perfect place to watch the sun set on your epic US road trip.

Lake Dillion