We’ve all been on vacations, and have of course heard of the recent buzz word, the “staycation,” but what about the newest trend, the “daycation?”

Alright so what is a daycation exactly? It’s actually something that can be a lot of fun but is often forgotten when it comes to looking for things to do outside the house. Simply, it’s taking a day to get out and explore.

Hop on a bike, get in the car, or take a train and do a mini road trip. What you might be surprised is that within even an hour or two of your home there are amazing adventures to be found.

One of the best ways to enjoy a daycation is centering it around food. Especially as the seasons change, there are so many options for fresh and delicious local foods to be enjoyed.

Live in the Northeast?

Then take a ride up the Maine coast and try some of the best (and freshest) seafood you could ever imagine. The greatest of which has to be the fresh Maine lobster, a true delicacy when cooked the right away. Try a lobster roll the traditional way, sitting on a picnic table, at some of these shacks: Chauncy Creek Lobster Pier, Barnacle Billy’s and The Lobster Shack.

What about a city like LA?

You could spend weeks traveling around through many of the different neighborhoods trying so many different types of food. It’s easy to spend weeks popping around LA without doubling up on local places to eat. Skip from Han Bat Sul Lung Tang in Koreatown, to Starry Kitchen in Chinatown and finish up at Daikokuya in Little Tokyo to do a mini tour of Asia.

How about Dallas?

In Texas, BBQ is king, so why not get out of the city limits and get exploring? Head off the beaten track to enjoy some real authentic BBQ joints and you might just find a brand that is your new go to spot for a daycation. Check out Off the Bone BBQ, Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ, or Pecan Lodge to try out some food you won’t forget anytime soon!

These are just a few reasons to spend some time exploring your local area the next time you have a few days off from work. There are plenty of amazing things to try and experience that you’d probably be very surprised to discover even in your own neighborhood. Consider trying out some local eats.

Have you ever enjoyed a daycation? What are some of your favorite off the beaten track local eats?

Photo Credit: Barnacle Billy’s