Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is a National Heritage Area in the U.S. state of Georgia that encompasses natural, cultural, and historical beauty in an environment that is fun to explore year round. 

The mountain itself is part of the 2,550 acre DeKalb County park called the Davidson – Arabia Nature Preserve. The Preserve also includes other large formations of exposed granite, wetlands, pine and oak forests, multiple streams, and two lakes. Leashed dogs are welcome, too! As you begin to plan your visit, consider partaking in some of the following activities.


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If you have an hour:

  • Plan a hike up Arabia Mountain to see waterfalls, wildflowers and stunning summit views.
  • Next, take a tour of the AWARE wildlife rehabilitation facilities. The nonprofit rescues sick or injured wild animals rehabilitate them at their facility and returns them to the wild.  
  • Stroll through the soft trails at Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve or along the PATH trail. (In January, PATH, Georgia State Parks, and Rockdale County opened an additional 5.5 miles of trails beyond Alexander Lake!)

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    Arabia National Heritage AreaIf you have an afternoon:

    • Bike the PATH trail from Lithonia to Panola Mountain. It’s a challenging 24 mile trip with an abundance of wildlife, vistas, water features, small hills, rare plants. 

    • Next, make an appointment to visit the Flat Rock Archives. From there, tour a slave cemetery and former plantation.

    • For an afternoon of serenity, consider a visit to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and the Monastic Heritage Center.

    • Finally, take advantage of one of Panola Mountain’s ranger-led, guided hikes. Afternoon, Half-day and Moonlight options are available.

    If you have a weekend:

    • Schedule a retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Click here for the calendar.
    • Contact Panola Mountain State Park to spend a night in a tree!

    The mountain’s unique topography hosts beautiful plant life, water formations, and landscapes that make you feel like you’re on another planet. This little piece of outer space has both bike and hiking trails that are open to the public from dawn to dusk. There is no fee for parking or use of the trails at Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, and special groups tours are also available.

    Have you had an opportunity to visit Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area? We would love to hear from you! Share your experience in the comment section below.

    Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area