The Gulf Coast is back, and in a big way. Especially during the cooler months of the year, if you are looking for a great escape that will be relatively inexpensive, and a lot of fun, this area has to be on your short list.

The Gulf Coast comprises of the shorelines along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coasts on the Gulf of Mexico. These spots provide year round warm weather, and the warmer and calmer waters of the Gulf make it the perfect place to frolic in the waves, go fishing or explore on a paddleboard.

The varied coastlines give a ton of options, not only in terms of activities and food but also land, from the bayous to the beaches, you can find something to get you excited.

One of the true experiences that you can’t find anywhere else besides the gulf coast is alligator spotting. Hop on an airboat and feel like you are flying across the swamp lands spotting all sorts of amazing wildlife, up close! A favorite outfitter in the region has to be the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch in Mississippi. Afterwards, be sure to have some gator tenders for dinner!

Looking for something a little less adventure filled? If you are a history buff, the area is one of the hidden gems for finding information on the Civil War. For those that want to learn a bit of history on the road trip the famous Battle of Mobile Bay was held right in this region. Hop on the Civil War Trail and explore a number of different sites in the region that saw battle.

If you want to spend your vacation doing nothing but sampling of some of the most delicious Southern food, head to the Louisiana coast. Depending on the time of year you want to travel there is plenty of food to be had at some of the area’s most famous festivals. One of the most popular events each year is the Louisiana Crawfish Festival, a must visit.

Have you been to the Gulf Coast? Let us know some of your favorite spots in the comments!