While there is nothing like traveling by car during a road trip, another really fun and often underutilized option is taking a train. What you might not realize is that companies like Amtrak and Via Rail offer some very scenic and beautiful train rides all across the US and Canada.

There are train rides for anyone, they are perfect for short weekend jaunts away, or can even be a fantastic way to travel cross country.

Traveling by train has a lot of benefits, not only can you stretch out a bit and have more space, have a food and dining car and plugs (even WiFi on some trains) at every seat, but a lot of trains also offer sleeping cars.

These include a fold down bed and bathroom, sort of like a mini hotel room on wheels. They are perfect for longer haul trips where a little bit of extra space and privacy is needed. But, if you head out on any of these five amazing scenic train rides, you’ll be too busy looking out the window to notice!

Grand Canyon Railway: Sort of a hidden gem, many people don’t realize that they can take a train into the heart of the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for a really unique experience, it’s a must see.

The Coast Starlight: If you’ve ever wanted to see the Pacific Coast up close and personal this is the way to do it. Running from Los Angeles all the way to Seattle, the train glides along the shoreline.

The Canadian: To see some of the very best in unspoilt Canadian beauty this is the train to take. Ride in only 4 days from Toronto to Vancouver, over the Rocky Mountains and see some epic nature.

The Adirondack: For those looking to escape the city, this route is a perfect fit. Traveling from New York City to Montreal, this train meanders through the beautiful rolling hills of the Hudson River Valley.

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad: For another perfect weekend train ride, try this train that leaves from Western North Carolina and goes through the gorges and valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Do you enjoy traveling via train? What are some of your favorite trips, let us know in the comments!