Just because it’s back to school time for the kids doesn’t mean it’s time to put away all those summer craft supplies. In fact, Fall is one of the best times of year to get the kids involved in crafts.

With bright and beautiful leaves appearing, fall colors in full swing, and pumpkins and pine cones ready for the taking, you’ve got plenty of natural items you can use at your crafting table.

But enough talk, let’s get right to the fun Fall crafts, shall we?

Fall Trees

It’s hard to compare with the beauty of trees in the Fall when the leaves are turning all sorts of shades of red, orange, and yellow. So, they make the perfect inspiration for crafting, here are a few examples:

Puzzle Piece Trees

We all have a few puzzles missing a piece or two (or twenty) lying around, so use the rest of the pieces by painting and attaching them to a sturdy bit of paper or cardboard for three dimensional art.

Toilet Paper Trees

Looking for something to do with all of those paper towel and toilet paper rolls? Well, use them as the trunks of trees, paint them and add colored paper, cotton ball, or tissue paper leaves.

Pine Cones

Pine Cone Turkey via http://www.projectsforpreschoolers.com

If you want the kids to create a variety of crafts, then pine cones are the way to go. You can spend a few hours in the yard collecting dozens of pine cones that can be used in a number of projects:

Pine Cone Creatures

Pine cones make the perfect bodies for all sorts of fun little Fall animals. Use paint, felt, or paper to make turkeys, owls, or other birds perfect for Fall decor around the house.

Door Decor

Make your kids feel like their art is welcoming everyone to your home than having it on the door. That’s where pine cones come into play, use ribbons and glue to create door swag with pine cones.

Leaf Art

When the Fall comes around, you and the kids are never going to run out of leaves to use in crafts, but even if you do, you can always use paper and felt to create more leaves for all your needs.

Picture Frames

For a perfect place to store those Fall photos, create a frame using leaves. Take a normal wooden frame and glue leaves right to it then cover with mod podge to keep them nice and shiny.

Fall Leaf Garland via http://www.classic-play.com


If you don’t want to worry about dried leaves making a mess, make your own out of heavy cardboard paper or felt, then use yarn to tie them together and make a leaf garland to use on the mantle.

Of course, these are just a few samples of great crafts you can make with kids this Fall. All you are going to be limited by than your creativity! So get the kids out there and start crafting.