Winter is that time of year that can be fun for those who live in a state that gets to experience a winter season. ┬áThe best part about Winter is spending time with family doing fun activities outdoors. Don’t let the cold and snow keep you locked inside. You can bundle up and head out to enjoy some of these fun family winter activities. What is your favorite winter activity to do with your family?

Build a snowman

For those states that get enough snow to enjoy this fun activity – why not take advantage of it? Building a snow man is a great activity for all ages, especially for families with small children.


If you’re a few hours away from a snowy place, why not make the drive on the weekend and enjoy the thrill of sledding with your family. ┬áThis is a grew activity for families to do together.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the Winter activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of where you may live. If you live in a warm state, such as Florida, there are several ice skating rinks around for all to enjoy.

Snow Angels

Why not throw yourself in the snow and make a snow angel? This is one of the most classic winter activities for all ages to enjoy.

Snowball Fight

Last but not least – a good old fashion snow ball fight! What can be more fun than running around in the snow and getting to throw the slushy snow at someone?