You put in the hard work to prepare for bikini season and now you’re smoking hot. Why abandon your fitness once you hit the beach? The HCCMIS insurance claims‘ blog spotlights Costa Rica and Caribbean landmarks as hot beach destinations where you can be active while getting friendly with the fish and indulging in the crystal-clear waters. If an exotic beach vacation is on your horizon, create a workout plan and commit to it.

KayakingTry Kayaking

This upper-body workout is the perfect way to explore the coastal waters, especially if you’re traveling to a location known for its gorgeous reefs and exotic fish. Rent a kayak and spend the morning paddling and exploring. You’ll be so busy soaking in the sights that you’ll forget you are getting exercise.

Photo by Chris Walker via Flickr

Run on the Beach

The sand at the beach provides an extra challenge for your running and jogging. It’s unstable and forces you to engage your core thoroughly. Head out for a jog on the sand. Go for firmer sand near the water as your warm up and then hit the softer sand to really work up a sweat. Improve your workout with lunges, jumping jacks and shuttle runs on the sand for a circuit workout (

Photo by Flickr user .shyam.

PaddleboardingGo Paddleboarding

If you’re up for a balancing act, paddleboarding is wonderful exercise for your core, arms and legs as they work to stabilize you. You’ll need to rent a board (which looks like a giant surfboard) and a paddle. Head out past the surf, stand up and paddle your way along, parallel to the beach. You can take a quick dip in the water and observe fun wildlife under the surface.

Photo by Flickr user Wonderlane

Explore Inland on a Hike

Research hiking areas at your destination, put on your shoes and head inland to see a different sort of wildlife. Hike up a mountain to a summit that opens into stunning views of the beautiful sea.

Go Scuba Diving

If you hold your scuba certification, plan a diving trip during your vacation. Swimming and kicking as you chase fish around for some excellent exercise. Expect your legs to be sore the next day!

Photo by Steve Dunleavy via Wikimedia Commons

Beach YogaDo Yoga or Pilates

Practicing yoga and doing Pilates at gorgeous beach destinations with an ocean breeze and salty sea air sounds like a dream. Plan your beach vacation to be an experience full of body sculpting and beachside meditation. Pack a cushioned mat and a resistance band in your luggage so you can do a workout on the balcony at your hotel or right on the sand, suggests Forbes.

Photo by Mish Sukarev via Flickr

Vacation exercises shouldn’t be spent in a fitness center or hotel gym. All of these fun activities will get you outdoors enjoying the scenery and exploring your destination. You may even discover a passion! Make an itinerary, and even recruit your travel buddy to join you in your beach vacation workouts.

Author Bio: Shelby Hughes is a weight-loss expert who writes about health and fitness. She believes moderation is key to staying thin.