As the holiday season approaches, so too will the cold weather. It’s easy for people to remember to grab their jacket before stepping outside and into the snow, but what about our furry friends who need an extra hand?

Pets feel the winter chill just as much as their owners. Below our team at has included a quick guide to keeping your pet warm this winter:

Know Your Breed

First and foremost, it’s important to know your dog and their coat. It sounds intuitive, but all dogs are not created equal. Bitter, cold conditions will be exceptionally brutal for indoor dogs with thin coats. If the outside temperature is below freezing, then all pets should be kept inside. If exercise is your concern, then rest assured that your dog will be back to playing outside in no time.
English Bulldogs with Knit Hats

Puppy Sweater

Keep your furry friends warm  by investing in a thick coat with heavy, quilted material. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing your 80-pound pooch in something that will keep him cozy in the extreme cold. From sports teams to camouflage, there are patterns to satisfy all tastes and budgets. For safety, consider investing in a coat with reflective strips, so others can see your pet in the dark.

Dog Booties

Dog booties are both adorable and practical, especially in populated areas. In northern cities, booties would be needed for one simple reason: rock salt! The sidewalks are clean because they have been treated with salt and other chemicals, which could cause harm or injury to your pup’s pads. We recommend investing in waterproof footwear for your pooch, available at most pet stores and similar retailers.
Woman With Dog in the Snow

Bring Cats Indoors

When the weather outside is frightful, ALL pets need to come inside. Even outdoor cats should be invited inside during the winter. Though their coats may be fluffy, they were not created to withstand below freezing temperatures. If you don’t have the capacity to home the strays, then contact the rescue shelter in your area for assistance. If you see an animal who could be suffering from frostbite or other medical condition, please seek veterinary care immediately.
Christmas Lights and Adorable Kitten

Bathe Indoors

Though you might be accustomed to bathing your pooch outside during summer months, doing so in freezing temperatures could put your dog at risk for frostbite. Instead, consider drawing a warm bath for your pup in the bathroom. Be sure he is fully dry before you take him out for his next walk.

What tip would you add to our list? Share your ideas for keeping your pet warm this winter by commenting below.