So much time goes into planning our vacations. Why not skip that step? Here are our three favorite reasons to NOT book your hotels ahead this summer.

1. More Savings

You may think that by booking your hotels early you’ll get the best price. But, did you know that walk-in rates are typically lower than rate you’d find online? That’s because hotels know that the room might stay empty if a walk-in doesn’t book it.

Plus, with tools like, you can save even more on last-minute hotel rooms. These walk-in coupon rates can give you a savings of 20% or more!

2. More Freedom

It’s no secret that we LOVE road trips. Of course, there’s so much that can go into planning a road trip, but some of the best road trips are much more spontaneous.

This summer, why not drive a little more aimlessly. Explore attractions, cities and towns more freely. Enjoy more adventures. Discover more fun.

Travel when you feel like it. Rest when you need it. Explore when you want to. If you don’t book ahead, you’ll find so much more freedom to travel.

3. More Fun

If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll have more opportunities for fun! Don’t believe me?

What if you’re having the best vacation of your life and you don’t want it to end? If you haven’t booked your return trip yet, there’s no harm in extending the fun.

What if you find out your favorite artist is playing a concert the next day for $20? It’s happened to me! Luckily I had the flexibility to stay in town another day.

What if you see a roadside attraction, museum or tour that you can’t help but explore? If you don’t already have a reservation, there’s no harm in not driving as far or as long today.

Have the Best Summer Ever

The bottom line is, summer vacation should be about the journey – not the destination. Try something new this summer. Don’t book your hotel rooms online. Savor each moment on a spontaneous trip you’ll never forget.