Located on the Northern coast of Oregon is one of the most historic and beautiful parks in the country. It’s one that is visited by millions of travelers each year and gets the visitors to keep coming back for more. They simply can’t get enough of the picturesque Lewis and Clark National Historic Park.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Park

Exploring and Activities

When guests visit the park, they have the opportunity to explore the famous rain forests and indulge in the rich culture and native people. For those history buffs, you can even hear some of the oldest stories of some of our nation’s most famous explorers. Lewis and Clark National Historic Park is home to many beautiful sites along the Pacific Coast and Columbia River. 

When you begin your Lewis and Clark National Historical Park adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to get a real sense of what the Corps of Discover experience over 200 years ago on their journey. The way it looks, the smell and everything surrounding is almost exactly as it was at the time. Visitors will have the opportunity to view live demonstrations of hide tanning, candle making, and gun shooting. All which were vital during this time.  Don’t miss out on the enjoying the nature of the park. This can be easily accomplished by canoeing or even hiking through one of the trails on property. 

When it comes to all of the other extraordinary activities to do while at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, be sure to visit Netul Landing, hike all of the picturesque trails, visit Middle Village-Station Camp, Dismal Nitch, make salt at Salt Works, and venture out to some of the other nearby attractions in Oregon that make visitors fall in love with this part of the United States. 

Planning Your Trip

When visiting the park, be sure to keep in mind the park hours and days they will be closed before planning your trip. Park hours are as following:

Fort Clatsop Visitor Center and Fort Clatsop Replica 
June 21, 2017 –  September 4, 2017
From 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

September 6, 2016 – June 20, 2017
From 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Keep in mind that the park will be closed on Christmas Day

Are you planning a trip to Lewis and Clark National Historic Park? Be sure to visit the visitor’s website for additional information about lodging, activities and so much more! Be sure to check out the Visitor’s Center upon arrival to view enlightening films, a book store, media, merchandise and so much more!

Lewis & Clark National Historic Park