For most of us – the holidays are the best time of year. Between the delicious meals we get to consume to the frequent gathering of family, the holidays are the best time to slow down your busy schedule and enjoy life with those you love the most. Unfortunately, for some it’s not so easy to just flip the switch and find time out their schedule to spend quality time with family. There are a few ways to make quality time, even if it’s just a couple hours a week. Take a look at some ways to make quality family time for the holidays.

Bake/Cook Together

Baking or cooking together is a fun and easy way to spend an hour or so of quality time with your family. Whether you’re making dinner, or making cookies with your kids, baking and cooking is always an enjoyable way to spend time together.

Watch Movies

Tis the season for Christmas and holiday movies! Why not snuggle up on the couch with some hot chocolate and have a movie marathon day or night with your family? It’s okay to be lazy for a day, especially when you’re with your family.

Go on Outings

Holiday time also means the weather is cooling down, for most of us. Take a walk in the park, a bike ride, a trip to the zoo, or even go ice skating! Doing things together is fun and entertaining for all.

Don’t Work at Home

It may be tempting, but try to keep your work at work or until your kids and/or spouse is asleep. Working at home is a huge distraction from your family, so try and keep it to a minimum if possible.

Keep Cell Phone and Electronics Use Minimal

Since we aren’t working from home, it’s very important to keep your cell phone and electronics use to a minimum as well. We can get caught up on social media or texting, but try to put the phone down and focus on family this holiday season.

Eat Meals Together

A simple meal together is another great way to stop what you’re doing and focus on spending time with family. Even if it’s dinner all together a few times a week and catching up on your day, eating meals as a family is simple and can be achieved anytime.

Play Games

When was the last time you pulled out a board game and spent a few hours playing games? It may sound like a foreign concept in our digital world, but it’s a fantastic way have good fun with family.

Clean Together

Who laughed when they read this one? It’s hard enough getting your kid to do their chores, right? Make it fun! Put on some holiday music and make it a cleaning party. You’ll get housework done AND spend quality time together – it’s a win/win!

Use Vacation Time

Do you have an extra week off of paid holiday time? Well, take that week off and spend some time with the family! Now is the time to take that holiday time off of work.

Find a New Skill to Learn Together

Whether it’s pottery class or teaching your kids to ride a bike, learning a new skill together bonds families in fun and unique ways. Find a skill you can all learn and get out and work on it!

How do you spend quality time with your family during the holidays? Tell us about it in the comments!