Fall is the perfect time of year to travel. It’s not too hot, everything is festive and you can travel around with some cool new accessories throughout your journey! Whether it be a fashion item or a helpful travel gadget, fall travel accessories make great gifts for your traveler friends and family members, or just something to keep handy in case you may need it (chances are, you will!).

This season, our favorite travel accessories range from several different items, from shoes to alarms! Take a look at some of our picks below:

Mini Steamer

This is probably one of the most important on our list. The mini steamer works wonders for smoothing out wrinkles in most clothes. Since irons can be a hassle to carry around in luggage, a Mini Steamer will get the job done and is extremely light to bring along. You can purchase a Mini Steam at any Bed, Bath and Beyond, or online!

Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Another important accessory is a waterproof cell phone case or holder. Whether you plan on visiting a cold, snowy destination or a tropical one, this will help prevent any “wet” accidents with your phone. For example, if you drop it in the snow or a body of water.

Bug Spray and Calamine Lotion

Depending on where you are and if you are planning on spending time outdoors, it’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of your favorite bug spray with you. If you happen to get bitten by mosquitos, sand flies or something similar to cause itching, bring along a bottle of Calamine lotion to help relieve the itch sensation.

Door Alarm

This may be one of our favorites. A doorstop that is also an alarm is excellent for solo travelers. This device is a doorstop, designed with a sensor that will activate the alarm if the door opens by an intruder. This can be used anywhere, such as a home or hotel room.


Not just any boots, though. For this season, the best type of boots to have is any tough rubber boots for rain and/or snow. Since the next couple of months are expected to be very cold with a lot of snow, we can only pair the best way we know how, with a good pair of boots!

Speaking Global Translator

These nifty little gadgets come in handy for any place you may travel to – domestic and/or international. You never really know when you’re going to run into a situation where there’s a language barrier, for that reason we say that a speaking global translator is a must. You simply speak text in your native language, and it will give you the same phrase in the language you need.

A Warm Hat

Planning on being out in the sun? Don’t leave without grabbing a hat for your head. Whether it’s to keep warm or protect from the sun, hats are a big in this season.

USB Roll-Up Travel Charger

One thing we are sure of is making sure all our devices are charged, from cell phones to tablets. For that reason, we suggest a USB Roll-Up Travel Charger that offers multiple outlets to charge your devices at once.

Shoe Bag

If you’re a shoe fanatic, male or female, we highly recommend investing in a shoe bag. This will free up space in your luggage, and also keep your shoes neat and organized during your travels.

Foldable Flats

Last, but not least, this one is for the ladies. Foldable flats! Let’s say you’re at a function that requires heels. By the end of the night, your feet will most likely be in pain, and for that reason, we recommend foldable flats that can fit in the smallest of purses!



Do YOU have a fall accessory that you’ll be using this season? Tell us all about it in the comments below!