One of the season’s most popular activities for all ages is definitely carving pumpkins! Everyone can design their pumpkin just how they want to display. However, there is danger in carving pumpkins – especially with small children. Safety always comes first, and until you feel comfortable using a knife with children to carve a pumpkin, take a look at some of our favorite ways to decorate without ever having to use a sharp object.

Chalkboard paint

Kids love to draw with chalk! So why not pick up some black chalkboard paint and some sidewalk chalk? Simply paint the pumpkin with the chalkboard paint and let dry. As soon as it’s completely dry, use the sidewalk chalk to draw and decorate your pumpkin!

Paint on your house or apartment number.

If you’re looking to do something unique and crafty with your pumpkin, grab a color of paint you prefer and stencil your house or apartment number on the front of the pumpkin. Leave out by your front door and watch how many compliments you get on it!


If you’re not interested in painting just your house or apartment number, why not just paint the whole pumpkin how you or your child would like? Use a water base paint incase you need to fix any mistakes and for easy clean up.


Yes, you read right! Thumbtacks are a great way to decorate your pumpkin. Simple take the thumbtack and place them in the position to create the image you prefer – whether it be a happy face or a flower. Kids love the thumbtack method because it’s simple to remove if you aren’t happy with the placement. 

Glow in the dark puffy paint

Does it get any better than glow in the dark? Pick up some dark puffy paint and have fun creating designs and images on your pumpkin. Your kids may even like this much better than carving the pumpkin! 

Metallic and Glitter

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t get enough of metallic and glitter. Metallic spray paint is a great way to decorate your pumpkin, whether you want to display it or use it for a centerpiece. Glitter is another favorite way to decorate. Simple cover your pumpkin with spray glue or something similar and dip or roll the pumpkin in glitter. You’ll be pleased with the way this comes out when it’s finished.