If you’re itching to get in the car and take a drive, Spring is just around the corner. And what better time to hop on the open road, roll down the windows, and relish the fresh air, great tunes, and beautiful blooms? Add these scenic drives to your Spring bucket list. 


Daffodils, tulips, and dogwoods are all known to bloom throughout the state of Connecticut during the springtime. Look for them along The Merritt Parkway, a historic, limited-access highway originally created in 1938 to help with traffic congestion.

In addition to the parkway’s natural beauty and woodlands, visitors can also appreciate the many different art deco bridges along the way from the 1930s and 40s. 


The Nanticoke Heritage Byway is a 40-mile trip that will take you through historic towns, woods, farmlands, and more. Outdoor enthusiasts have several areas to stop along the way and enjoy a number of recreational activities including hiking and biking. These stops include the Nanticoke Wildlife area, Trap Pond State Park, and Nanticoke River.  


Moosehead Lake Scenic Byway is a 67-mile route that will give you incredible front-row views to the state’s largest lake: Moosehead Lake. If you have time, plan to stop for a day, rent a boat and go fishing. The lake is filled with many different types of fish including salmon, trout, and bass. The longer you stick around, there’s a pretty good chance you will spot some Moose and other wildlife in the area. 


Salt marshes, wildflowers, and quaint homes are just some of the little treasures you will find out on Old King’s Highway. This 26-mile drive along Cape Cod Bay is beautiful any time of the year but it’s especially beautiful during the months of Spring. If you want to get out and stretch your legs, there are a ton of shops, restaurants, and antique stores along the way. 

New Hampshire

Spend an afternoon traveling on The Kancamagus Highway admiring the spectacular rivers, gorges, and mountain views. The best time to go for a drive is on a weekday. On the weekends, the traffic is said to pick up a bit. There are several stops along the highway where you can get out, use the restroom or go for a walk.