Most of us have been there a time or two. We can’t always leave our pets behind when we go away, so we give in and bring them along on our adventures. Regardless of where we are going, it’s almost essential to find the perfect luggage or bag for transporting them from place to place. Whether we travel via plane, train, automobile, or just going out for a walk around town, the carrier we keep them in is most important to ensure safety and comfort.

If you’re flying and your pet is small enough, you may be fortunate enough to carry them along in a carrier bag right there on the plane with you. However, not everyone has a pet that small and may need to check in their pet. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pet luggage or luggage option for your furry friend, check out our top choices to keep your pet happy en route to your destination.

Carrier Bag

They come in several different brands, prices, sizes, colors and styles. Carrier Bags are the most common form of pet luggage and transportation. To most, it may look like any regular duffle bag, but it’s actually one of the best options for getting your pet around. Find a Carrier Bag with ventilation, lockable zippers, pockets, a washable bed, and plenty of padding.

Pet Stroller 

You’ve probably seen them in any urban environment, but if you haven’t, allow us to enlighten you. The Pet Stroller will be your new best friend! Enjoy an afternoon walk around the park, or even the mall with your pet in stroller that looks like there should be a baby inside! Pet Strollers will safely contain and protect your pet during your travels. You can find a pet stroller dogs of any size and weight.

Waterproof Cargo Liner

Are you taking a long road trip and bring your pet along with you? Keep him/her comfortable and your car in tip-top condition with a waterproof cargo liner for your SUV or back seat. With a Cargo Liner, you can protect the back of your car from dirt, dander and “spills,” if you know what we mean.

Pet Carrier Kennel

Another excellent option for transporting your pet around is in a hard covered Pet Carrier Kennel. The Pet Carrier Kennel is ideal for air or car travel and usually has a comfortable carrying handle and easy access storage compartment.

How do you get transport your pet? Tell us in the comments!