Wow oh wow. If you’re like me, you may have ate just a little too much in the past month. I try not to feel guilty about overeating because I hardly do it. Whether you eat without shame or suffer with just a bit of post-eating guilt, we can all make an effort to burn the extra calories and up our fitness productivity¬†a bit. We’ve got some ways of how you can get in a few workouts after the indulging.

Walk, walk, walk. That’s right. There’s no better way to get the blood flowin’ and burn some calories than by walking. And we don’t mean speed walking. A nice and slow brisk walk will make all of the difference in how you feel.

Lift those weights! You don’t have to have a membership at a gym to do some gentle weight lifting. If you’ve got a few gallons of water at home, lift those a few times a day to tighten up those muscles. Resistance bands are also great for bulking up by using your own body weight.

Go for a swim. Of course if you happen to be in an area that is cold, this may not be a great option but if you can find a heated pool nearby, a swim is the best way to get some fitness in. The best thing about swimming is that you always feel wonderful after swimming a few laps.

Take a bike ride. Dust off that bike in the garage, put some air in those tires and go for a bike ride. If you can, load up your bike and take it on a hike or beautiful scenic route.

Yoga. Ah yesssss, need a way to relax after the the family left your house a mess? Try yoga. It’s the best way to relax and even if you’re a newbie there are plenty of positions that can both work out your body effectively and relax you.

Got any great workout tips for us? We’d love to hear them!