In the spirit of a quick guide, here are a few reasons why Portland is an awesome place to visit:

  • Zero sales tax. On anything. Ever.
  • More breweries than any other U.S. city.
  • Home to the best coffee roasters and baristas in the country.
  • Best public transit in the country.

We sometimes have an idea of Portland as a cute, quaint city, but it actually ranks as the 28th largest city in the US – that’s larger than Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by learning the districts and neighborhoods, don’t fret – if there’s one thing Portlanders love to do, it’s show visitors around their favorite city. Check out these tours to get familiar with the City of Roses:

Take a Brew Tour

In many cities, you can tour a local microbrewery and sample the beers. With so many to choose from in Portland, why only try one? Brewvana and The Maine Brew Bus both give tours featuring a variety of microbreweries and larger operations plus a great mix of education and trivia with lots of tastings.

Eat Like a Portlander

From food trucks to fine dining, Portland offers restaurants for every budget and palette. Forktown Food Tours and Eat Adventures Food Tours allow you to enjoy a walking tour of the neighborhoods while enjoying a tasting of Portland’s best fares – from street carts to four star, you’ll have the chance to try beers, wines, cocktails, coffees, snacks, small plates, and desserts. There are many neighborhoods to choose from so you can see the side of Portland that suits you best.

Let a Local Lead You

One tour that will make you think, “only in Portland…” is the Secrets of Portlandia Free Walking Tour. That’s right – it’s free. The hilarious guides work for tips, so they want to make sure you have a great time. There can’t be an easier tour to join: it runs every day through summer and fall at 11am in front of the Pioneer Courthouse – no reservations here. The tour ends at the Saturday Market, Voodoo Donuts, and Chinatown, setting you up for a great afternoon of sightseeing on your own.

Just like the wealth of things to eat, see, and do, Portland is home to lots of great accommodations in the heart of it all. Before you book, check out these great deals on Portland hotels.

Quick Guide to Portland