Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

We all have a travel companion. For some, this may be your spouse, family member or a friend. For others, that companion may be your furry friend (aka your dog). I, for one, prefer traveling with my dog over with humans sometimes. He is much cuter to look at and always in a good mood!

However, when brining your dog on a road trip with you, remember that it’s much more than your buddy sitting in the seat next to you or in the back seat. There are plenty of tips and tricks to make sure you’re taking the best care of him/her on the road. Dogs can’t speak up for themselves (except when they bark), so check out some of our tips for when traveling with your dog.

Boxer In The Car

1. Bring plenty of water

Just as water is important for humans, it’s just as important for your dog. Staying hydrated is one of the things that keep your pup happy and comfortable at all times. If you notice him/her barking excessively, try providing a bowl of water.

2. Stop every couple hours for a bathroom break

Dogs are much more like humans than you think, except they are completely dependent on humans. For this reason, make frequent stops to allow your dog to relieve himself/herself. Remember to bring little bags to pick up the waste! 

3. Keep the air conditioning cool

Along with water, keep your dog cool and comfortable while on the road by keeping the air conditioning on, especially if you’re driving in a warm state. Although you shouldn’t keep the air on full blast and freezing, keep it cool enough so they won’t get over-heated. 

4. Don’t play music too loud

Dog’s ears are even more sensitive than a human’s ears. Much like if you were driving with a baby, be careful to not play your music too loud that it may be uncomfortable for your dog. Just think, if it’s too loud for you, it’s way to loud for them.

5. Find pet friendly hotels and restaurants ahead of time

The very last thing you want is to be stuck in a place that you can’t bring your dog along. Whether you’re road tripping to a destination, or just out for a drive, be sure to find hotels and restaurants that allow pets.

Do you enjoy road tripping with your dog? Tell us your tips for when traveling with your pup!