Spend an Afternoon with Friendly Reindeer This Winter

Turns out you don’t have to hide out in the bushes on Christmas Eve to see some reindeer in real life. There are actually plenty of places around the US where you can get up close and personal with a few reindeer, well actually more than a few, if you’d like.

What’s cool is that these reindeer aren’t just out in the open wild plains, but many can be seen at local reindeer farms, even not too far from many major cities if you know where to look. But that’s what we’re here for!

If you want to view reindeer and get that holiday spirit all year long, then be sure to make the trip to some of these reindeer viewing hot spots across the country.

Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch

Just outside Chicago, Illinois is Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch. They have flown in authentic reindeer from Alaska who are available for you to interact with including giving a healthy favorite treat and try out a “reindeer kiss.”

Julie Kisses Reindeer

Via Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch

The ranch also offers corn mazes in the fall and during the winter seasons you can choose and cut your own Christmas trees and enjoy a nice hot meal from the chuck wagon in the western themed saloon bar and banquet hall.

Running Reindeer Ranch

White and Brown Reindeer

Via Examiner.com

If you ever are in the traditional home of reindeer, Alaska, head to Fairbanks to enjoy a day with reindeer at the Running Reindeer Ranch. What is special about this small family run ranch is the walking with reindeer tour.

Here, you join the reindeer on a guided walk through the forests, observing them in nature, learning about their history and the area as well, it’s a really special (and fun) experience.

Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm

This working reindeer farm is located in Clare, Michigan just about smack dab in the middle of the state. The farm is open on the weekends for visitors to come in and not only visit with the reindeer, have photos taken with them and feed them snacks but enjoy other special events.

Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm also offers visitors the chance to enjoy the gift shop, or even taste some donuts and coffee in the warm reindeer barn. All in all a really great place to enjoy a fun family afternoon.

Woman Feeds Reindeer

Via DesignYouTrust

Spending time in any of these places will give you the opportunity to truly interact with reindeer and see these beautiful animals up close. It will truly be a great experience you will never forget. So don’t wait until Christmas to hope to see some reindeer!

Have you been able to experience a reindeer farm or see a few up close? Let us know what you think in the comments!