As the summer sun slowly gets warmer, we’re finding ourselves whipping out our swimsuits, packing the car with coolers and heading to the beach or lake for a few hours. It’s that time of the year that we’ve all been waiting for – summertime!

If you’re near a beach or a lake, and looking for a great outdoor activity that allows you to get a great workout and a nice suntan, try Stand Up Paddleboarding. Stand up paddleboarding is currently one of the fastest growing water sports in the world.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP) can be done on any body of water and doesn’t require any experience.  Children and adults of all ages can try stand up paddle boarding.  The only requirement is knowing how to swim in the event that you fall off your board.

So what exactly is “SUPing” and what does it require? What you will need is a large paddleboard, which looks like a surfboard but is much longer in length and thicker in width. Paddleboards usually range from 8′-12′ in length, 28″ – 32″ wide, and 4″ – 5″ thick. If you’re new to paddleboarding, the best type of board to use is the widest, longest and thickest as the stability will be best to keep you afloat. The most experience you have, the smaller board you can use.  The next items you’ll need are a paddle and a leash. The paddle to steer yourself and a Velcro leash to stay attached to your board at all times.

When just starting out paddleboarding, you’ll want to practice and gain experience on calm and flat water.  This will allow you to get the hang of standing up and steering at the same time.  Next, you’ll start on your knees and stand up one foot at a time. Your feet should be should width apart and your body should be in the middle of the board.

As soon as you’re comfortable on your board, grab your paddle, insert the paddle in the water as far forward from your body as possible and stroke back in a straight line. If you feel comfortable enough, you can alternate your paddle from the left side of your board to the right side with the same continuous stroking motion until you start gliding forward.

SUPing is a great arm and core workout and it’s fun! You can head out by yourself or with a group that enjoy the outdoors as well! Have you ever been SUPing? Tell us about your experience!