by: Liz Froment

If you are a fan of American history, the Williamsburg, Virginia area is the perfect place to head on a road trip. Conveniently located just two and a half hours south of Washington, DC and an hour from Richmond, this area is full of historic charm.

The main attraction of the area has to be Colonial Williamsburg, which is an amazing 300 acre site that is filled with historic buildings dating back to the early 1700s. Reenactors roam the streets and work in the shops, giving you a feeling of exactly what life was like in Virginia during this time period.

The site has an abundance of information on the period that led up to the American Revolutionary War, including true history lessons on what life was like living under British rule at that time. It is a really fascinating place, that has plenty of activities and education for kids and adults alike.

Also, right in the Williamsburg area are two other important historic sites, but for very different reasons: Jamestown and Yorktown.

Jamestown is the area that is known as the first successful colonization of the people who came to the United States from England. The area here has been preserved and also re-constructed to give visitors an idea of how those very first settlers lived. It is a pretty amazing difference to move from the rough huts in Jamestown to the ornate buildings of Williamsburg over 100 years later.

The other famous area here is called Yorktown. Yorktown has an important role in the history of the United States, because it was on this spot that the British General Cornwallis surrendered to the American General George Washington. There is a nice informational area here, that was built with the help of the French to commemorate the spot, but the fields are largely untouched.

When driving around Yorktown, take note of signs that are along the self guided driving tours for the area. There are two tours a 7 and 9 mile, that each take you through wandering back roads showing various points of historical importance during the military campaigns in the area. It’s perfect for the history buff!

Once you return from the area, you will have a ton of great memories, and might have even learned a thing or two! Have you been to Williamsburg before? Let us know in the comments!