One of the most highly anticipated moments on Christmas is the exciting discovery of whether or not Santa found his way down the chimney to fill the stockings on the mantle. As the saying goes, “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive!”

For those who made the “nice” list this year, we’ve compiled our favorite stocking-stuffer souvenirs!


It’s a small memento that can carry tremendous meaning. Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, so selecting the right one will depend on the image you would like it to portray. During your travels, purchase magnet at a locally owned souvenir shop or consider custom ordering one online using a photo captured on your trip.


A practical gift, travel-themed pens and pencils make a perfect stocking-stuffer souvenir for students and adults alike. Some pens and pencils even feature the destination’s name or famous attractions in the surrounding area.

Travel Mug

Coffee lovers in the house? Consider gifting your loved one a coffee mug from one of the destinations you have visited during your travels. Mugs are a safe bet for non-coffee drinkers, too, especially if you include some hot chocolate mix as well.

Key Chain

The best part about a key chain souvenir is that the recipient doesn’t have to own a car to appreciate it. Kids especially will enjoy clipping it on their backpacks and older teenagers can attach it to spare house key before tucking it away for safekeeping during emergencies.

Shot Glass

Souvenir shops are notorious for carrying shot glasses, a hot commodity among collectors. Not only do most shops feature a variety of shapes and designs, but the glass itself can slip easily into a stocking as well.


It’s a souvenir that won’t last long, but your loved ones will enjoy unpacking a sweet treat in their stocking on Christmas morning. During your travels, consider grabbing a candy or chocolate from a local distributor.

What is your favorite stocking stuffer souvenir? We invite you to share your gift ideas in the comment section below.