Summer is just around the corner and we are so excited about planning for a much needed getaway. The options are endless for planning a summer getaway, but there are a ton of factors to include during the planning process. These can range from budget, destination, family-friendly activities, going solo or with a group, etc. Not to worry, though. We know all about your vacation planning struggles, so we put together a few tips for you to keep in mind during the planning process. 

Plan with a Group

If you’re looking to save a few dollars on your trip – planning with a group is always the way to go. You can split the cost of a rental home, gas, food, and so much more. Plus, it’s usually much more fun to go away on vacation with some of your closets friend and family!

Put Money Aside for It

The worst thing to do is be hit with a high price at one time for a vacation. Why not put $50/week away a few month prior to booking. It will be much better knowing you budgeted your money just right to have what you need to book – without the shock of the price!

Consider a Cruise

Yes, we love driving to our destinations, but a cruise is always great for a summer vacation. You have everything you need right there on the ship for one flat rate. It’s never a bad plan to hop aboard and sail away for a few days.

Try Someplace Inland

Now, getting back to driving. We all know New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago are all famous for summer vacation spots. Why not try someplace more inland – you’ll save on hotel rates, believe it or not. Try Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta or Denver!

Upgrades are Better Last Minute

When you are looking for an upgrade to a rental car or hotel room, the best time to find them is almost always at the very last minute. We are talking days…if not hours before your scheduled time to check in or pick up your car.

Use Your Points and Rewards 

Ready to use those frequent flyer miles or hotel points? Now is definitely the time to do it! Why not save during your summer getaway – that means more money to spend on entertainment!

Bring As Much of Your Own Stuff As You Can

Last but not least – bring as much of your own stuff as you can! Going on a road trip to the beach? Bring your own bikes or surfboards instead of having to rent them. Anything you can bring to save on renting – bring!

Do you have any summer vacation planning tips? Tell us about them in the comments below!