Visiting a new city soon? Or embarking on a staycation in your own city? Goby to the rescue! This free app located in the Apple iTunes store and on Google Play answers the question, “What should we do?” Ever visit a new city and find yourself overwhelmed with where to go and what to do? Let Goby help. Using your GPS, Goby finds where you are, asks what you’d like to do and gives you several recommendations. It’s an easy to use app with a gorgeous and user-friendly interface. Best of all, the recommendations are spot on! I was visiting family in North Florida an d asked Goby about eating options and I found a good 5-6 in the area that I was standing. The recommendations were brought up with phone numbers, addresses and phone numbers. Score! Our favorite feature of Goby? It brings up dining options, shopping choices and activities in not only metropolitan areas but in the smaller cities too. According to their website, Goby has over 6 million things to do in the U.S. Wow is right. We’ll never be bored again!

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