Summertime is dominated by festivals. From music and food to UFO and faerie festivals, there is something for everyone. Some of the most bizarre festivals across the U.S. are also the most visited because of their unique flair.

There’s no better time than now to grab your friends or family, fuel up your vehicle and experience one of the country’s wonderfully weird festivals.

Burning Man

In the Nevada Black Rock Desert, a metropolis of culture and possibility is erected for one week. Black Rock City is a crucible of creativity and self-expressionism set in a Mad Max-like world. Some principles of the festival are radical inclusion, gifting, communal effort and civic responsibility.

Art is the bloodline of Burning Man. This year’s art theme is Carnival of Mirrors, which includes mirrors, masks, mazes and merger. Look forward to an alternate reality funhouse, mind readers, fortune tellers, mutant vehicles and interactive experiences created by festival participants.

Join over 60,000 attendees on August 30 to September 7 for the bonfire ritual of the summer that is Burning Man.

Twins Days Festival

You will be seeing double at this Twinsburg, Ohio, multiples festival. The world’s largest annual gathering of twins takes place on the weekend of August 7. This year, the festival is celebrating 40 years, so attendees can look forward to extra special events. The theme covers twins days of the past and future, so registered multiples are encouraged to dress up in H.G. Wells-style time travel costumes of the past, present or future.

The Twins Days Festival welcomes all people from a multiple birth and their families. Otherwise, it’s not open to non-multiples or the media. Look forward to arts and crafts, games, a beer tent and food court along with a parade and other festivities.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Saturday, June 20 marks the date of this year’s Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. It’s the largest art parade in the nation and celebrates ancient mythology and features seaside rituals.

For one epic day, the streets of Coney Island are full of thousands of people expressing their artistry through creative costumes, floats and entertainment.

Note to parents: While it’s typically fun for the whole family, some of the artists will be scantily clad.

Underwater Music Festival

underwater music festival

For 31 years, musicians have been rocking the seas of the Florida Keys. The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce presents the Underwater Music Festival beginning Friday, July 10. The weekend festivities kick off with an upscale land-bound reception. Then, the submerged symphony will play songs of the sea just off Looe Key on July 11. This offbeat celebration offers a unique experience for dive enthusiasts while also emphasizing reef preservation.

Duct Tape Festival

Duct tape aficionados unite each year in Avon, Ohio, for the Duck Brand Duct Tape Festival. From June 19 to 21, festival attendees will experience a world of duct tape art featuring floats, sculptures and fashion made from the super strong adhesive tape. The town sees upwards of 50,000 visitors each year for the weekend-long event. Be one of the first 500 attendees and get a free roll.


The Weirdest Festivals in the U.S.